On-line, On-time, On-budget: Titanic Lessons for the e-business Executive Издательство: Independent Publishers Group Мягкая обложка ISBN 1931182345 инфо 7658a.

Titanic’s maiden voyage was a disaster waiting to happen as a result of the compromises made in the project This book by IBM Senior e-business Consultant, Mark Kozak-Holland, explores how non-IT executives caаэжпяn take lessons from a nuts-and-bolts construction project like Titanic and use those lessons to ensure the right approach to developing on-line operations Looking at this historical project as a model will prove to be incisive as it cuts away the layers of IT jargon aбллааnd complexity On-line On-time On-budget is about delivering IT projects in a world where on-time and on-budget is not enough You need to be on-line--connecting to the Internet and dealing with the 24-by-7 expectations of your customers and partners It will help you successfully maneuver through the ice floes of IT project management in an industry with a notoriously high project failure rate This book outlines the stages involved in creating mission critical e-business services anбсжаюd the underlying environment to support these Specifically, the book provides the non-technical manager a step-by-step guide to the deliverables that the IT department should produce at each stage of the creation process The book enlightens the non-technical manager to the fact that a considerable part of the effort is in realigning the organization and procedures rather than technology Knowing the rationale for and the timing of deliverables enables the non-IT manager to be a full participant in the creation process The book leaves the readerwith a simple philosophy: namely, focus your IT investments on getting your organization and procedures aligned and you can get best-in-class results from your technology Who would have expected Titanic’s sister ship the Olympic to serve a distinguished 24 year career before being scraped as obsolete? The Olympic was nick named "old reliable" having served as a troop carrier during World War I and evading attack by Germanбтмбк torpedoes The book uses close to 90 figures and more than 40 tables for clarification of major concepts through detailed models, eg, Change Management (9-step model) and Problem Management (4-step model) Автор Марк Козэк-Холлэнд Mark Kozak-Holland.

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