Glass Design Издательство: daab, 2005 г Твердый переплет, 400 стр ISBN 3-937718-35-4 Языки: Английский, Немецкий, Французский, Итальянский, Испанский Формат: 190x235 Мелованная бумага, Цветные иллюстрации инфо 7443a.

Редактор: Сабина Маррейрос Glass protects from sunshine, warmth, noise and radiation It can be self-cleaning, energy storing, regulating and supporting Glass can do more than encase and illuminate, iаэгаэt can expressively put on display and so accompanies light on its way in both directions It is provided every time again, what phenomenal qualitites glass contributes as an architectural building block Glass primarily offers design options by the various styles of trблифвeating its surface Layering, printing, colouring, marking and etching create in isolation or in combination a wide range of the most diverse appearances, which allow the designer a free hand in the process of applying his ideas This book introduces notable objects from the areas of private living, public and sacred buildings With numerous illustrations, portraits are presented of hotels, restaurants and bars, togehter with concincingly designed projects of renowned architects Иллюстрации.

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