Houses by the Sea Издательство: Loft Publications, 2006 г Суперобложка, 360 стр ISBN 90-76886-24-5 Языки: Английский, Французский, Немецкий Формат: 250x300 Мелованная бумага, Цветные иллюстрации инфо 7441a.

Редактор: Cinta Marti The enchantment of the horizon across the sea and the ocean is irresistible for so many people, who dearly wish to have its infinite view through the window of their home A seasiаэгашde environment, however, does not always provide optimum conditions, and houses built on certain coastal sites often present architects with a challenge, which requires a complex solution The border between land and sea generates extreme and highly variable climatic cблиуцonditions, which must be taken into consideration when defining a project It must be taken into account that the effects of the wind and the sun can change drastically within moments, or that this great mass of water acts as a thermostat, absorbing the heat during the day and emitting it at night, producing minimal fluctuations in temperatures Иллюстрации.

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