New Design: Berlin Издательство: Rockport, 2008 г Суперобложка, 200 стр ISBN 1-56496-659-3 Язык: Английский Мелованная бумага, Цветные иллюстрации инфо 7396a.

Редактор: James Trulove New design is an eye-opening collection of innovative graphic design from the world's major design centers This inspiring series explores firsthand the unique design challengesаэвув and the cultural and social factors that have shaped the featured work "New Design: Berlin" explores the dynamic graphic art scene of the newly-established German capital through the bold work of 27 leading contemporary firms When the Berlin Wall came downблимя in 1989, the East and West united again to create a high-energy laboratory for experiment and creativity that has yielded stunning world-class work Fully half of the firms represented in this book were founded less than five years ago, and all but one were founded in the last 10 years Featuring advertising, web design, posters, book covers and logos, "New Design: Berlin" is a remarkable collection of varied work reflecting varied influences defining graphic design in the бсекгnew century Формат: 23,5 см х 28,5 см Иллюстрации.

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