Peter Sellers Collection (I'm All Right Jack/Heavens Above!/Hoffman/Two-Way Stretch/The Smallest Show on Earth/Carlton-Browne of the F O ) (6 DVD) Формат: 6 DVD (NTSC) (Box set) Дистрибьютор: Anchor инфо 3884f.

От издателя The Smallest Show On Earth (1957 г, 80 мин) When their long-lost great uncle dies, newlyweds Matt and Jean Spencer (Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna of Born Free fame) inherit a small-town fleaаэвьвpit cinema along with the theater's eccentric and inept staff: Drunken projectionist Percy Quill (Peter Sellers), dotty cashier MrsFazackalee (Margaret Rutherford of Blithe Spirit) and ancient usher/janitor Old Tom (Bernard Miles of Heaven's Above! and The Man Who Kneблитвw Too Much) But once the struggling couple is forced to renovate and operate the decrepit Bijou, they learn some uproarious lessons about life, love, big business and the enduring magic of the movies Also known as Big Time Operators, this British comedy classic was directed by Basil Dearden (Who Done It?, The Mind Benders) from an enchanting script co-written by William Rose (The LadyKillers, Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?) and filled with delightful performances, especially 32 year бсемкold Peter Sellers as the elderly boozer MrQuill Carlton-Browne of the FO (1958 г, 90 мин) When valuable mineral deposits are discovered on the forgotten British colony of Gaillardia, the Foreign Office sends bumbling envoy Cadogen de Vere Carlton-Browne (Terry-Thomas) to investigate But while negotiating with their gleefully corrupt Prime Minister Amphibulos (a brilliant performance by Peter Sellers), Carlton-Browne is convinced to split the tiny island in half, sparking a revolution that leads to an international nuclear showdown with the Russians Can the Empire's most disastrous diplomat now restore relations before the Cold War comes to a boil? I'm All Right Jack (1959 г, 105 мин) Peter Sellers won his only British Academy Award for his career-making performance as Socialist shop steward Fred Kite in this brilliant class-struggle comedy Ian Carmichael (Heaven's Above!) co-stars as naive Oxford graduate Stanley Windrush, who is hired as a common worker at his бтлюйwealthy uncle's missile factory and quickly becomes a pawn in the battle between management and Mr Kite's labor union But can both sides stop a complete nitwit from single-handedly destroying the economy while becoming the symbol of integrity for an entire nation? Terry-Thomas (Carlton-Browne Of the FO), Dennis Price (Kind Hearts and Coronets) and Richard Attenborough (Jurassic Park) co-star in this classic black comedy co-written, produced and directed by the legendary Boulting Brothers (A Privates Progress, Lucky Jim) that is still considered to be one of the most subversive satires in British film history as well as the movie that made Peter Sellers an international star Two Way Stretch (1960 г, 87 мин) Peter Sellers stars as criminal mastermind Dodger Lane, a "model inmate" living a life of luxury in Huntleigh Prison until he and his cellmates hatch a plan for the perfect robbery Now all they have to do is escape from jail, steal a sultan's diamonds frбтцщиom a military convoy and break back into prison before their release the next morning But even with the help of a phony vicar, Dodger's buxom fiance and one felonious mum, will the perfect alibi be enough to pull off the perfect crime? Wilfrid Hyde-White (My Fair Lady) Bernard Cribbins (Carry On Spying) and Lionel Jeffries (Wrong Arm Of the Law) co-star in this classic British comedy caper that remains one of Peter Sellers' most hilarious early hits Heavens Above! (1963 г, 118 мин) Peter Sellers gives one of his most surprising performances as Reverend John Smallwood, an idealistic prison chaplain who is accidentally assigned to a wealthy parish known for its popular sedative/laxative But when Smallwood insists on ministering both to rich and poor alike, he infuriates the needy, the greedy, the religious hierarchy and even the government itself Can the Church of England now silence their most compassionate cleric or will the vicar escape to serve the highest calling oбтыърf all? Brock Peters (To Kill a Mockinbird), Isabel Jeans (Gigi) and Cecil Parker (The Ladykillers) co-star in this controversial satire that remains one of the best-loved collaborations between iconoclasts The Boulting Brothers (I'm All Right Jack, Carlton-Browne Of the FO) and the genius of Peter Sellers that changed the face of British comedy forever Hoffman (1970 г, 112 мин) Peter Sellers gives a rare-and remarkable-dramatic performance as Benjamin Hoffman, a lonely middle-aged businessman who blackmails a beautiful young secretary (Sinead Cusack) into spending a week with him But what begins, as a seemingly sinister ordeal will slowly reveal itself to be an uncommon bond of tender yearnings, dark secrets and some very surprising realizations about the possibility of love Critics and audiences alike were touched by Peter Sellers' powerful and moving performance in this rarely seen gem of a film directed by Alvin Rakoff (A Voyage Round My Father) and featuring a haбтюкаunting theme song by legendary British vocalist Matt Monro Режиссеры: Бэзил Дэрден Рой Боултинг Джеффри Дэлл Джон Боултинг Роберт Дэй Элвин Ракофф Продюсеры: Майкл Релф Джон Боултинг Рой Боултинг Творческий коллектив Производство 1957-1960, 1963 и 1970 гг Дополнительные материалы Peter Sellers Bio Theatrical Trailer Режиссеры (показать всех режиссеров) Бэзил Дэрден Basil Dearden Рой Боултинг Roy Boulting Джеффри Дэлл Jeffrey Dell Актеры (показать всех актеров) Питер Селлерс Peter Sellers Один из наиболее прославленных комедийных актеров своего времени, урожденный Ричард Генри Селлерс, родился 8 сентября 1925 года в Саутси, графство Хэмпшир, в семье водевильных актеров Била и Агнес Селлерс Свое прозвище Питер, ставшее впоследствии его Терри-Томас Terry-Thomas Thomas Terry Hoar Stevens Вирджиния Маккенна Virginia McKenna.

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