The Chillout Session Формат: 2 Audio CD Лицензионные товары Характеристики аудионосителей Сборник инфо 9315e.

The Shining; Demons; No Ordinary Morning Содержание CD1: The Chillout Session Disc 1 1 Badly drawn boy "Badly Drawn Boy" 2 Demons Фэтбой Слим, Мэйси Грэй 3 No Ordinary Morning qаэиск"Chicane" 4 Dusk You And Me "Groove Armada" 5 Les Nuits "Nightmares On Wax" 6 6 Underground (Nellee Hooper`s Edit) "Sneaker Pimps" 7 Clubbed To Death Rob D 8 Is It Too Late? (Peter Lorimer Remix) "World Partyблмлаq" 9 The Sun Rising (Tom`s Drum And Bass Mix) "The Beloved" 10 Horizons LTJ Bukem 11 One Night Samba Tim Love Lee 12 So Com Voce "Thievery Corporation" 13 In The Bath "Lemon Jelly" 14 Keefe`s Guest "Kinobe" 15 Kota "Bonobo" 16 Natural Blues Моби 17 hoot You Down (The Soul Hooligan Remix) "The Stone Roses" 18 Being With U "Basement Jaxx" CD2: The Chillout Session Disбсжмюc 2 1 American Dream (Radio Edit) "Jakatta" 2 The Awakening (Mellow Mix) "York" 3 Scorchio (Emerson`s Late Night Dub) "Sasha & Emerson" 4 Resurrection "Medway" 5 Cups (Salt City Orchestra`s Vertical Bacon Vocal) "Underworld" 6 Prix Choc (Alex Gopher`s Free Tax Mix) Etienne De Crecy 7 Pasilda (Afterlife Mix) "Afro Medusa" 8 King Of My Castle (Original Radio Edit) "Wamdue Project" 9 The Child Алекс Гофер 10 Swollen (Beloved Cafe Del Marsh Mix) "Bent" 11 Falling `Sumsonic Presents` 12 Sexual (Afterlife Mix) Amber 13 Beautiful Strange (Ambient Mix) "Bedrock" 14 Melt "Leftfield" 15 Eternity (Acoustic Mix) "Orion" 16 Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (Heart Of Asia) (Astro Heavenly Remix) `Watergate` 17 Cafe Del Mar (Michael Woods Remix) "Energy 52" 18 Barber`s Adagio For Strings Уильям Орбит бтмго Исполнители (показать всех исполнителей) "Badly Drawn Boy" Фэтбой Слим Fatboy Slim Мэйси Грэй Macy Gray.

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